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A dance film project, a growing dance community and the manifestation of a sacred dance temple.


Enjoy MANDALA film, our gift for you and all your dear ones around the globe. Merry Christmas!


In order for productions to realize projects like this, we rely on financial contributions. Thank you for donations of any amount from the bottom of our hearts.

For bank transfer please use: Carola Stieber, IBAN: CH2208781000219415000, BIC: SWQBCHZZXXX, Name der Bank: Swissquote Bank SA, Betreff: MANDALA

Here you find the music of our film: In the love of Solomon

Join our “Mudra Mantra Mandala” Seminar. Learn how to dance MANDALA yourself, how to teach your own MANDALA group and eventually participate in a world-spanning dance prayer & film project.

You like to participate?

Take a look at our Event Calendar, book individual (online) classes or a seminar, join whirling dance rituals, our temporary dance monastery, dance pilgrimages etc., and stay up to date by signing into the newsletter.

The Mudra-Mantra-Mandala seminar series will be offered from spring 2024. A two-year advanced training in which you will learn all five roles of the MANDALA choreography in addition to the basics of the Devadasi School. After completing the training, you could therefore be in a position to pass it on and, eventually participate in another MANDALA dance film project – a world spanning dance prayer.

If you would like to be involved in the realization of projects and events, you are very welcome to our inner circle.

The beginning of a Global Prayer

Release Celebration


The Release Celebration manifested as the beginning of a global prayer. We want to persue this mood and intention. Once a month we meet in a virtual space online on Zoom, around the time of full moon. Heartly welcome for WHIRLING and CELEBRATION.

Apart from our online meetings, the seminar series Mudra Mantra Mandala is an invitation to join us in the practice, learn the choreography of MANDALA film and eventually dance it worldwide and have it manifest in a follow up “MANDALA goes global” film project. Wether or not this shall manifest depends on the resonance and eagerness of people involved. We go step by step. Join us in “dance of the heart”: Listening to your breath, as it flows into your heart, is connected to and inspired by spirit and manifests in dance. 

Live Events

MANDALA in the cinema

If you want to enjoy MANDALA on the big screen or as a live performance, please contact us.

On April 1, 2023, we celebrated the world premiere of the short film with a full house in the golden hall of the legendary BABYLON Berlin, followed by a live event cinema tour.


MANDALA gallery is a touring photo on canvas exhibition of photos made by Mona Lisa. You can send us an invitation for displaying the MANDALA galley, e.g. in your yoga center. dance school, seminar house, restaurant, exbibition- or conference hall.

Individual canvas pictures can also be purchased. In respect of the artists, we ask you do not take photos from this site without permission. Thank you for respecting copyrights.

For detailed information regarding exhibition and purchase of our art pieces, please contact us.


Content / Synopsis

As a group we dance in the form of a mandala. It moves. The dancer of MANDALA is invited onto an inner pilgrimage, for the viewer, MANDALA serves as a gateway to the mystical world.

In our film 21 dancers are touched and moved by Rumi set to music. A dance of the heart ignites and radiates out into the world. MANDALA is a gift of joy and true inspiration. 

Come, celebrate and dance with us!

There is a vision, the rising of a dance community and the yearning for a sacred dance sanctuary.

In dance it blossoms, the temple of the heart. And invites you in…

Travelling without feet


Sema is a ritual known from the Sufi tradition. It involves sacred music and dance. It supports the practitioner to loosen ideas and concepts about oneself and ones’ worldview. In the natural expanse of the mind, spiritual experiences can take place. MANDALA is a video project and has as well been a spiritual and artistic research. We explored movements which enhance presence and discover what opens and invigorates our hearts.

Promo Material

MANDALA Flyer Ouside  / Inside


Instagram Post

Title Image

Dance Film Portrait

History and Outlook

Celebrating in Dance

Spending time and practicing in the magical place ShantiMonti in Ticino, Switzerland, inspired director Paramjyoti for MANDALA. Her vision of a dance temple preceded this inspiration: a place that is dedicated to sacred dance and where that, which inspires the innermost of our heart, is cultivated and celebrated in dance and in community.

People who felt drawn to a journey of exploration with sacred dance met over the course of a year on five long weekends. The individuals follow different spiritual paths. From this shared artistic spiritual pilgrimage a dance practice community has come to life! The manifestastion of our first wish.

We were able to use the wonderful location of ShantiUnity for the entire “MANDALA dance film project coming to life” period as our dance temple and temporary dance monastery. Thus another wish came true, namely that of having our own place of activity – for the time being.

Here we were – able to explore what sacred dance means to us, how we can express it as a group and, above all, how we can use it to connect with the most intimate of relationships, that which is close to our hearts and inspires us as spiritual beings. On our last evening together, sparks from the fireplace embers began to move skywards in spiraling swirls long after our spinning dance ritual.

Will the desire for continuity of such a dedicated pilgrim community and a place dedicated to its gatherings and practices continue to be fulfilled?

In any case, our film shooting weekend was the crowning glory of our first intensive dance community time.

Possibilities for further gatherings are currently the Mudra Mantra Mandala training and the temporary dance monastery. 

As Loving Hearts Unite

The dancers of MANDALA come from different cultures and spiritual traditions. The joy of what we love connects us. The hand-woven cotton fabrics for our costumes come from India, and. most of the sewing work is done by Gita, a seamstress from Kerala. Also Suleman from Zürich and Renata Vögele in Germany supported us with their art of tayloring. «Behind the scenes» there are numerous other contributing hands and hearts.

The music of our MANDALA fim and choreography is composed by Vorya Zarnegar from Iran, with deep love for a poem by Mevlana Rumi. “In the Love of Salomon” was recoreded together with the young dervish Sina Gheisari, who played the remaining film music in for us.


Over the time span of a year we had met. About 21 costumes had been made. In altogether two weekends we were shooting the video footage for MANDALA with film partner and cinematograph Eckart Reichl. Amazing photos have been taken by Max Herlitschka (photos on this page, 2021), Mona Lisa (our gallery photos, 2022) and Betina Höh-Schmitz (photos with pigeons, 2022).

Sacred Dance Community


We get together in order to pracitse and celebrate. We use basic tools from the school of “Devadasi – dance of the heart” and celebrate MANDALA, Sema and various activities. Using sacred music and dance for connecting our heart to that, which is dearest to us, is our spirituel practice, cross denominational. You are very welomce to visit our community.

MANDALA Teacher Training

You learn how to dance MANDALA and how to teach it, in order for you to lead a group in your own place. 

The training course is called Mudra Mantra Mandala >> 


Access dance tutorials, look up news and find information about our gatherings.

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