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On our calender you find events and seminars for which you can register. You can book individual classes, individual dance offerings & workshops also online. Requests to support you with your own projects can be submitted. Performances can be booked, too.

Single Coaching Classes

For you. Use this opportunity for dance technical-, spiritual-artistic coaching or therapeutical support. Contact me by email or phone and we will shape the class according to your heart´s wish.

Duration 60-90 minutes. 1 hour for 120 Euro

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A workshop in your own place

Invite Paramjyoti to teach a workshop which you organize.

In workshops her approach of and experience in dance is being conveyed to you. She goes with the authentic need of the group and depending on its size, can offer individual guidance additionally.  The workshop may have a theme, accoring to your wishes, like “introduction into whirling” or “powerdances” – each dances with a certain topic of his/her choice. Beyond that, once the group gathers, naturally its true interest will be discovered.

Duration 3-5 hours. From 855 Euro >>

on the provided list, you will also find offers from Paramjyoti as a dancer.

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Seminar series & training courses

Preparation for the educational course “Devadasi dancers and teachers training” 

The Dance  Oracle

Experience the place of prophecy in the center of your heart. According to Socrates: “Know thyself”.                                     

The world with all its phenomena is a great mystery. We cannot comprehend it. But we can ask questions, connect with what is alive in our hearts and allow the dance to take form. In this way, the dance becomes a mirror of your heart.

In scientific terms, the effect of an oracle could be described as follows: An oracle triggers a self-reflective, cathartic process in which emotional perceptions that crystallize into worldviews can be transformed into higher order insights.

The Dance Oracle 1-3 is based on the most important of all tools of the “Devadasi Dance of the Heart” training in Intuitive Sacred Dance, the “golden key”. The Dance Oracle can be practiced on its own or serve as a foundation for subsequent courses. You can practise it for yourself, as a dance meditation, for example to favor inner balance, or make use of it, if you have questions to which you are looking for answers. Later on, you can also use the dance oracle to offer support to other people.

What happens in the workshop:

We dance with what is: We focus our attention on body awareness and the breath. Listening how the breath flows in and out, we allow ourselves to freely move with the breath. Everything that arises in the awareness of body perceptions, thoughts and feelings is integrated into the dance. The synchronization of breath, movement and mind sets an alchemy in process. We become calmer, more balanced and more present. In dance we are free. In consciousness we witness what rises, is there for some time and transforms and passes in its own time. We are invited to drop judgements, preferences, attachments and aversions and simply are with what is there. Everything that emerges nourishes the dance and this in turn nourishes us. We are equally full and empty. Here starts the dance.

Venue, seminar fee & details see calendar

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Mudra Mantra Mandala

The sacred in dance 1-4

The basics of the Devadasi school are taught. We work with both free and set movement. We explore the interplay of body-movement and mind in mudras, learn simple step sequences to mantras sung by us and dance (spontaneously) choreographed mandala dances in group formation.

Experience the secret of dance in your heart, the spiritual support of traditional mantras and the spiritual and collective power of synchronized movements.

Venue, seminar fee & details see calendar

Contact and registration >>

Whirling dance and Sema

Introduction und Deepening

Sema is a ritual known from the Sufi tradition, with sacred music and dance. It invites the practitioner to loosen fixed ideas, concepts and belief systems about ones perception of oneself and the world in order to be allowed fundamental spiritual experiences in the natural expanse of one consciousness.

Venue, seminar fee & details see calendar

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By dancing in concentric circles the group of dancers initiate a prayer wheel. The vision of a sacred dance temple is given birth. We gather and practice. Eventually a physical place which is dedicated especially to this practice, shall manifest. MANDALA is also a short film project. There might be a follow up film project and for sure you can join us, dancing MANDALA!

MANDALA – a dance-film project

In group formation, we initiate a prayer wheel through dance. A dance community grows. The vision of a dance temple that seeks its own sacred place comes to life and finds expression in a film project. Over the course of a year, people came together to explore sacred dance. On the basis of “Devadasi dance of the heart”, elementary body-awareness training and whirling (as we know it e.g. from Sufi tradition), we allowed MANDALA to take its first shape. The short film MANDALA is born.

Will there be a MANDALA follow-up film? A dance prayer that spans the world?

In 2024/2025, Paramjyoti will be offering the further education unit Mudra Mantra Mandala – the sacred in dance. Among the basic practices of Devadasi school, the five roles of the MANDALA choreography will be taught. A possible vision for the future: graduates will set up their own MANDALA dance groups in their home towns. We dance in different countries and various locations: MANDALA in front of Cologne Cathedral, on the beach in Portugal, in the holy city of Assisi, at the freeway stop, in the Negev Desert in Israel, in the red desert of Namibia with elders from a local tribe, with shamans in Mongolia, in downtown Manhattan, etc…. We film these scenes and compile the footage. A MANDALA follow-up film. Another gift to the world of our time.

Would you like to take part and/or contribute to its realization?

With MANDALA, an inner circle of people has formed who like to come together to practise. A dancing pilgrimage community. Let us experience instand dance temples manifest, as we travel, dance and tour with Paramjyoti and whether a home temple manifests for us. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Information and insight into the already existing MANDALA film >>

Photo: Max Herlitschka

Photo: Mona Lisa

Photo: Betina Höh-Schmitz

Several Day Long Events


In order to dive deep and fly high. Each takes place about once a year. In the following buttons, you find description and detailed information about the different events. As soon as they are scheduled, they are announced, together with all other events, in our calender of  >> Events



Temporary Dance Monastery

Dance pilgrims come together to unite for initial 10 days. A set daily routine gives us orientation and stability. Times for community and solitude, activity and rest give us an inspiring and invigorating rhythm. Our spiritual practice through dance according to the Devadsi School of is our mutual focus. Elements of our daily practices are: Individual and communal prayer, silent meditation, mantra singing, dance practice, spinning dance rituals, times in silence, cooking and eating lunch together, doing everyday chores in and around the house, individual walks and times for retreating lay ahead of us.

Estimated date: 16-26.5.2023

Expected location: Shantimonti, Ticino, Switzerland

Sacred Dance Summer Academy


Combine a pilgrimage to Assisi with an Intensive by Paramjyoti in the Awakening Art Academy, Yoga Community Ananda. You will receive an initiation into “Devadasi – Dance of the Heart” and individual guidance to discover and unfold your unique expression of Sacred Dance.


Uniting in Dance

Uniting in Dance in and with the mystic Kibbutz Neot Semadar, nestled in the magical Negev Desert in Israel >>


Love Moves

Love Moves – International Gathering in Music and Dance

Workshops I Concerts I DanceEvents

Meet with people from different geographic, cultural and spiritual backgrounds in order to dive into a deeply nourishing space within yourself and with each other.

God Drunken Lovers

This meeting is a future vision and project. It will take place in the desert. We will turn “no-where” into “now-here”! For who ever is familiar with Sema, can imagine this gathering to be somewhat like a Sema Ritual.

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