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Dance offerings with live music

Dance is an expression of beauty and celebration. It also contains a secret. Are you looking for an extraordinary contribution to your private or official festive occasion, a vernissage, an anniversary or similar, or a special gift for yourself or someone close to you?

About the dancer

Paramjyoti is the name given to me in my several years living for long periods of time in India. It is Sanskrit and means “Supreme Light” or even “the Light behind the Light”. Using this name as a dancer, who makes herself empty and receptive to whatever form the pouring Light, she tunes her heart towards, wants to take this body to become, is quite suiting to my feeling. 

Allow me to dance for you!

Dance Presentation

My dance contribution to your excisting concert or event, to which I bring musicians along. It usually is a presentation, to which the public is invited to participate inwardly. My dance takes form spontaniously and is in direct interaction to the actual athmosphere of the present moment and the given situation.

Duration 20-30 Minutes. From 505 Euro >>

Dance Concert

Musician friends weave a prayer carpet of meditative to ecstatic music. We place the souls of our feet onto it and open the wings of our souls and rise. You can enjoy this event by listening and watching me and others dance, and/or join into the dance.

Duration 1,5-2 hours. From 808 Euro >>

Dance Ritual

The dance ritual´s nature is the one of a shared prayer. People are invited to sing simple spiritual songs and to interact. Dances dedicated to  5-12 indiviudals within the audience are possible. They usually last for a few minutes each. Another part of the dance ritual is the spiraling dance element. This is similar to what is known from the Sufi Tradition with their Dervishes: The dancer is spinning in trance over a long period of time. In some dance rituals the entire audience is invited to join into the dance.

Duration: 1,5 hours. From 1008 Euro >>

Dances dedicated to Individuals

This element is a part of the Dance Ritual, which can be also booked individually and therefore it also expands in time. The individual dance offering serves as a mirrow reflection of the one, who receives it. I stand empty before you and allow the dance to unfold.

Duration: 20-30 Minutes. Fee 120 Euro

The secret of the dance

A workshop in your own place

In workshops I convey my exeprience with and approach of sacred dance to you. The workshop can have a theme, like “introduction into whirling” or “powerdances” – each dances with a certain topic of his/her choice. Beyond that, once the group gathers, naturally its authentic interest unveils itself. I work with this and if the number of participants permitts, I offer individual guidance additionally.

Duration 3-5 hours. From 855 Euro >>

You can make bookings here >>

For Organizers

Download Material for organizers, event management and promotion

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>> Organizer´s sheet 

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