Loom Zoom


“Love Moves – international Gathering in Music and Dance 2020” can not take place physically. We use this challenge and take a big leap: We meet ONLINE!

For a big adventure, that we call Loom Zoom.


A leap into the virtual world! To keep up our practice to connect, in the heart, from heart to heart, and in music and dance. Invited are our international musician friends, dancers, movers and everybody who feels drawn to participate. You may want to simply listen and watch or join into the dance. This is an amazing possability to expand – inside and outside –  and to strengthen the trust in your spiritual ability to connect beyond geographical borders, cultural, artistic and spiritual conditionings and the limitations of our own minds – truely and powerfully, in “the heart”.



The heart is the hub of all sacred places


Paramjyoti and friends will open the first gathering with an introducion, a guided meditation, contributions of musician friends and a first warm up and exercise, before we will plunsh into a one hour virtual dance-concert-ritual.

We decided to make this special occasion available for individuals who are eager to plunsh into an experience which offers depth and intimacy and provides honest validation for both sides, the organizers as well as the artists and participants.

You can register for the event by writing an email to us and transferring the fee mentined below. We can only offer all or the two pubicly streamed shared prayers ( on facebook ). Maybe the evening concerts and semarituals can be attended individually, too, if technically possible. We will let you know.


Musicians & guest teachers

Meir Ganor/Israel, flute and cello

Krishangi Lila/Estland, voice, harmonium, bansuri  etc. >> Krishangi Lila

Sina Gheisari/Iran, ney, oud, etc., >> Sina Gheisari

Boaz Galili/Israel, lyra, guitar, kamanche, >> Boaz Galili

Mohamad Zatari/Syria now Bulgaria, oud, >> Mohamad Zatari

Ozgür Baba/Turkey, voice and Cura, >> Ozgür Baba

Ehsan Mehmoodi/Iran, voice and tanboor, >> Ehsan Mehboodi

Maryam Akhondy/Iran, voice and daf, >> Maryam Akhondy

Faridah Busemann/Germany, voice and guitar, >> Faridah Busemann

Rüdiger Schödel/Germany, voice, guitar, own instruments, >> Rudiger-Schoedel

Ariel Zutel/Israel, hang >> Ariel Zutel

Savita Thakur/India, voice, >> Savita Thakur

Gökce Okullu/Turkey, voice and cura, >> Gökce Okullu

Marco Wolf/Switzerland, piano and hang, >> Marco Wolf

Shay Masala/Israel, dilruba and guitare, >> Shay Masala Bachar

Amirali Kamali/Iran now Canada, violine, kamanche etc. >> Amirali Kamali


Patricia Chong/Australia, storyteller, >> Storytelling Patricia Chong

Anva Goldberg/Israel, “Natural Movement”, >> Anva Goldberg

Yaniv Pesso/Israel, martial art, >> Yaniv Pesso

Sign up 

Please find our >> registration form

and send it to >> register@infinite.dance 

or by post to >> contact



308 Euro

You may hand in a proposal to come for individual days prior to the event. The fee for one day is 108 Euro

Please transfer registration fee to: Carola Stieber, IBAN: DE36380601864506217011, BIC: GENODED1BRS, Volksbank Köln Bonn eG

Or use this Paypal button for your payment:

Zoom link 

Link for participation:


Meeting ID is always:  925 281 4853

Password will be given to the registered participants via email, prior to our first meeting.

User instructions

How to connect and what you need to know about Zoom Meetings will be announced here shortly.


If you have questions prior to Loom Zoom and/or if you want to communicate to Paramjyoti during the meetings, please send an email to >> contact

Raise your hand, if you want to say or ask something during the Zoom meeting. You can always, also when you are placed in smaller groups and “seperate rooms” send a “!” in the chat and one of our hosts will try to assist you by chatting.

Since we do not know the size of the group and need to keep an eye on the over all flow of the events, we can not grant that we can listen to all you want to contribute, yet know, know that we are thankful for all of what you bring in, and that your email communication will for sure reach us. 

Public aspect

We are very concerned to provide you a save space to feel comfortable in. At some point during our time together, we will ask permission of the participants to record sequences of meeting. That might be the story telling of Patricia Chong and/or the music prayers.

During those minutes, you can always choose to turn off your video, and participate without being seen.