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Devadasi School for Movement and Consciousness


The dance practice which is being conveyed is sacred dance in contemporary expression and independent of a certain spiritual lineage. Its practitioner is invited onto a mystical path. You are lead along your own belief systems, and according to the sincerity towards your own heart, to healing and self recognition.

Professional dancers as well as amateurs are welcome to this practice.

Come dance with me, come, dance!  Hafiz

Devadasi – Dance of the Heart

is the name of the school and the practice which is being conveyed. It has been founded 2002 by the professional dancer Paramjyoti Carola Stieber. >> Vita

It is Paramjyoti herself, who engages in both organising and teaching. Especially after the release of her film, the school has become more widely known and enjoys a growing, international community. Some friends started to help Paramjyoti in organisational aspects, which is very welcome and dear to her. >>

Paramjyoti collaborates with „heart families“ in different countries and from various spiritual traditions. Since the relationship between music and dance is essential and alive, she works exclusively with live music and co-creates with international musicians of numerous spiritual and artistic lineage.

What we all have in common is „the heart“. This is what we turn towards, in the practice. Using breath, deep listening, silence, sound, movement, music and dance to reconnect with our own „heart and self“, from heart to heart and one culture and religion to another.

We rarely hear the inward music,
but we’re all dancing to it nevertheless, Rumi

Dance is at all times an expression of joy and beauty. For some this practice might be therapeutical. For others, aligning body, heart and spirit opens the gates for meditation, an altered state of no mind and therefor serves as a spiritual practice; may it be enquiring self-discovery, worship, prayer and/or celebration. For Paramjyoti it can be the experience of balancing the energies of the different sublte bodies, or  to open the wings of her soul in order to rise within the winds of remembrance and realisation of our divine nature.

Paramjyoti´s intention whilst teaching and with her school is to provide whatever gifts she has been given to the practitioners, initiate them into her approach of sacred dance and support the individual to recognise and unfold his/her very own and unique expression.

The one who knows the dance, resides in God, Rumi

The Sanskrit term „Devadasi“ means „female servant of God“, and refers to ancient temple dance, the actual root of all classical dances we know in India today. „Devadasi – Dance of the Heart“ is unlike classical dance not aiming to cite, fulfil and perfect the once perceived forms, but to listen to its/the origin, where the impulse for movement rises from and allow the dance to take form spontaneously.

Read more about  >> the heritage of Devadasi

Come, let us learn how to dance!
Otherwise the angels do not know what to do with us! Augustinus Aurelius

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