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Temporary Dance Monastery

What would it be like to live in with sacred dance on a daily base, in a monastery like setting? We dedicate our time to meditation, contemplation, retreat, mantra singing, whirling sema rituals and above all to living, experiencing and exploring sacred dance. Haven’t some of us developed a thirst to come together for longer periods of time with exactly this intention?

In order to be able to immerse ourselves in the energy of a dance temple and to bathe in it, we need the establishment its energy and engage in a well-functioning organization. Everyone is involved on all levels.

We create the spiritual ground by our practice in silent and moving meditation, with dance prayer and the listening, playing and singing of sacred music, celebrating whirling dance ceremonies. The longing to deepen our own spiritual involement preceeds. Externally, we maintain a space in which everyone is self-responsible to care for him/herself e.g. their own food shopping and to contribute to the community activites by participating in the same ryhtm of the day, working activies in and aournd the house, dance and meditation practices, shares silence, cooks together, eats together lunch, etc.

Live and dance with us for 10 days, exploring under the artistic and spiritual guidance of Paramjyoti.

Our first dance monastery takes place on Shantimonti. The location of our MANDALA film project.

If you are interested to participate, write us an e-mail.