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Dance Oracle – Part 1

The world with all its phenomena is a great mystery. We cannot comprehend it. But we can ask questions and dance. The dance oracle offers a special opportunity to do so. We playfully combine body awareness with creative expression and gain the freedom to dance with what is. By connecting with what moves us in our hearts we allow the “dance of life” to unfold. In this way the dance becomes the mirror of our heart.

The Dance Oracle can be practiced on its own or serve as a foundation for subsequent courses. You can practise The Dance Oracle for yourself, as a dance meditation, to promote your emotional balance and mental calmness, or use it when you want answers to your questions. Later on, you can also use The Dance Oracle to offer support to other people.

We dance with what is: We focus our attention on body awareness and the breath. Listening to the cycle of the breath, we invite our body to move freely, carried by the flow of the breath. Everything that arises in the awareness of body perceptions, thoughts and feelings can flow into the dance. The synchronization of breath, movement and mind sets an alchemical process in motion. We become calmer, more balanced and more present. In dancing with what moves us we remain the witness to what is and stay free. Judgements, preferences, attachments and aversions may fall away. We are empty and fulfilled in equal measure. Everything that emerges nourishes the dance and this in turn nourishes us. At this point we are in touch with the origin of dance.

Seminar times: Fr. 10am-1pm, 4-5pm,  7– 9 pm, Sa. 9-12. 3-5 and/or 7-9 pm, Sun 9-12am. Afternoon and evening times might be adjusted, according to the the gourds needs.

Seminar fee: 380 Euro with registration till 4.2.24, after that 430 Euro  (accommodation and food not included.

For accommodation in the castle and its neighbouring buildings please contact Schloss Hohenfels directly: +49 7557 929190, Breakfast is included. Lunch for 24,50 Euro is booked for all participants. Optionally you can book dinner. All meals are prepared with organic local products.

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People from all fitness levels and age groups are welcome, including professional dancers. Their individual motive might be to revive:

  • A rejuvenating and blissful treat for him/herself
  • Support in a challenging life situation
  • Initiation and personal coaching into dance as a spiritual practice. Introduction into its method and entering free flowing improvisation with the dance of your heart.
  • For professional dancers the dance oracle offers a new dimension for their performing art

Benefits of these sessions are: improving health, body fitness, calming of mental activities, relaxation of the nervous system, harmonizing and balancing emotions, triggering intuition and self confidence, detecting and breaking through habits and old patterns which cause suffering, supporting transformation, evoking natural ease, wellbeing and encouraging a life in expanded consciousness.

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