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Review of the past Event Cinema Tour

After the release of Moving into the Infinite, a full length documentary about the life of a contemporary temple dancer, the short film MANDALA, invites you to dance with us!

“What an uplifting experience it was for me, to go and dance as a group to the movie theatres in orer to celebrate MANDALA. The courage and self-confidence of the individuals and how even in public each immersed him/herselve into the whirling dance prayers, touched my heart profoundly.” Paramjyoti

1.4.2023 BABLYON Berlin

2.4.2023 Kino Union, Berlin Friedrichshagen, 6 pm

8.4.2023 Zeise Kino, Hamburg, 3 pm

12.4.2023  Ya Wali, Sufi center, Munich, 7 pm 

7.5.2023 Kino am Bollwerk, Stuttgart, 1 pm

13.- 14.5.2023 Herzfeier Film Sema, Bern, Switzerland

4.6.2023 MANDALA presentation, Casa Patriziale, Sobrio, Switzerland, 10 am

25.6.2023 MANDALA film, live event, whirling prayer and sacred dance summer academy in the Awakening Arts Academy & Ananda Yoga Community, Assisi, Italy