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Our MANDALA whirling-dance-film has been freely available online since its release. People around the world can activate the prayer wheel by clicking on it. Does it touch your heart? Are you sharing it with friends? By watching the film we get in tune into the energy of MANDALA. How would it be to dance it altogether?

From April 26-18, the seminar Mudra Mantra Mandala – Part 1 will take place at the Center of Unity, Schweibenalp, in Switzerland. After attending this seminar, everyone can decide whether they would like to attend further seminars in the series Mudra Mantra Mandala – The Sacred within Dance.

A possible future perspective would be for the graduates of the entire course (4 weekends over two years) to open their own MANDALA dance groups in their home towns. In a few years, we could dance our prayers in very different places of the world, capture it on video footage and send it out, both as a film as well as energetically, into the world.

Do you feel a call to engage and manifest this with us? Feel free to contact us.

MANDALA is a prayer wheel of unknown extend 🙂