Introduction into Whirling & Sema

Sema is the experience and celebration of that, which truly moves us.

Sema is a ritual known from the Sufi tradition with sacred music and dance. It invites the practitioner to loosen fixed ideas, concepts and belief systems about ones perception of oneself and the world in order to have fundamental spiritual experiences in the natural expanse of ones own consciousness.

Immerse yourself in this mystical world, in which poetry, music, singing and dancing merge into one. Experience with Paramjyoti and friends an approach that honors the form, origin and spiritual path of Sufism and transcends it, entering into the universal language of spirit, heart and soul.

Musicians: Herbert Walter (ney, oud, voice and more; oriental music theraphy, sufi music) and Daniel Haas (percussion). 

Join us embarking on a spiritual journey. Paramjyoti will lead us into the practice of whirling along her free approach and lyrical style. By the live music as well as our movement prayers a sacred space is being created, which has a healing effect on the individual as well as the group and the collective. Your individual pilgrimage finds support within the group dynamic. Ready to experience the secret of the dance?

Prerequisites: none

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