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Dance Oracle – Part 3

The teachings “Dance Oracle 1 & 2” precede this training. Now we apply what we have learned in relation to and in service to a fellow human being. We don’t know what moves this person. We step empty in front of him or her and let the dance take shape in dedication to this person. By the person receiving the dance, this is often experienced as a mirror reflection of their soul. Known or unknown aspects come to light. A dance dedication usually has a healing effect on the person receiving it. They experience (sometimes unveiling) recognition and validation.

When different people dance for one person, different aspects come to light. In addition to what arises due to resonance fields that have a healing effect on everyone involved, both the dancer and the person being danced for, gain insights into spiritual laws and benefit personally, mentally and emotionally from such a dance dedication.

Arrival : Fr., starting 4 pm

Seminar times: Fr. 7 – 8.30 pm, Sa. 9-12. 3-5 and/or 7-9 pm, Sun 9-12am

Seminar fee: 380 Euro with registration till 4.2.24, after that 430 Euro  (accommodation and food not included).

For Information about the rooms in the castle and its neighbouring buildings and cor booking please contact Schloss Hohenfels directly. Tel.: +49 7557 929190, Email:

Room per nicht with breakfast inclusive. You can additionally book lunch for 24,50 Euro per meal.

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