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Dance Oracle – Part 2

Prerequisite for this seminar is the participation in the “Dance Oracle, Part 1” or a previous individual introduction by Paramjyoti, live or online. Book now >>

We dance in dedication to a theme: We dedicate our dance to a specific topic. This can have a personal or a collective motif. For example, we dance with something that is currently causing us difficulties in our lives. Or we dedicate our dance as a prayer to a collective theme, such as “world peace”.

What we have learned in “Dance Oracle 1” serves as an attunement and basis. With an open mind, we dedicate ourselves to our chosen theme and allow the dance to take shape. This “coming into connection” nourishes us personally, encourages mutual support and strengthens our group and has a positive and transformative effect on the collective field around us. The dance starts to unfold.

Arrival : Fr., starting 4 pm

Seminar times: Fr. 7 – 8.30 pm, Sa. 9-12. 3-5 and/or 7-9 pm, Sun 9-12am

Seminar fee: 380 Euro with registration till 1.4.24, after that 430 Euro  (accommodation and food not included).

For Information about the rooms in the castle and its neighbouring buildings and cor booking please contact Schloss Hohenfels directly. Tel.: +49 7557 929190, Email:

Room per nicht with breakfast inclusive. You can additionally book lunch for 24,50 Euro per meal.

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