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Haven’t some of us developed a thirst to come together not only for a weekend seminar, but in order to live our spiritual practice through dance on a daily base?

The longing for a secluded place which is dedicated to live, experience and explore sacred dance has been with me since I watched the film about the life of Gurdjeff, called “Meetings with remarkable men” (, the auspicious sacred music gathering in the mountains, time code 2.38 and the arrival in the hidden monastery, time code 1.23.00).

Sacred music plays an essential role in this. When we meet, where sacred music and dance meet, we are in heaven and heaven is with us. This is my experience. Sacred music to me is like water for the fish. The space, the community and the skilled and talented people who hold with me both the practical tasks as well as the spiritual and artistic aspect of our gatherings, are the pillars for this dream to manifest.

The dedicated time, the place, its people and our practice shall support and serve us. We want to strengthen our spiritual connection, have its blossem make us beautiful human beings and bring forth our highest potential. It is a universal spirituality which we follow, which invites people from various spiritual traditions and paths. We meet in its essence. And from here we dance – and live.

Shantimonti, welcomes us. It has been our first temporary dance monastery also during our MANDALA project and short film production.

If you are interested to participate, write us an e-mail.