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Love Moves


“Dance of the heart” invites you to meet with people from different geographic, cultural and spiritual backgrounds in order to dive into a deeply nourshing space within yourself and due to the exchange amongst each other. Movement and dance, sound and music speak to us, for us and about us. They guide us into our heart and into the heart of the that, which might appear as “foreign” at first. They lead us into the heart of that, which – despite all differences – is mutually present everywhere and deeply familar to each of us.

Our intention in these days is to connect with ones own heart, from heart to heart and from one culture, spiritual lineage and artistic tradition to another. We learn from each others background, from each others ways, personality and being in an environment which nourishes and builds trust. Love Moves is deep rejuveneration for the soul and uplifting wind for its spirit to rise.

International Gathering in Music and Dance

Emphasize in Love Moves is to meet yourself in the heart, in music, in dance, in spirit, in soul, in body. To meet with the heart of other people and the heart of their path and tradition – beyond borders and the limitations of the mind. 

Paramjyoti introduces her practice of sacred dance in the morning sessions. This will help the practitioner to know how to make best use of the afternoon and evening sessions as well.

Usually in the afternoons musicians and dancers from different spiritual and cultural heritage will teach workshops in which they introduce themselves via their music and dance.

In the evenings we are enjoying concerts and dance events. Outside of the programm there will be time for individual meetings, questions, answers, silence, singing, listening,..

The ashram offers vedic fire ceremonies throughout our stay, which are highly recommended. 

Welcome! We are excited to meet you!


Due to the current situation, we can not invite our international musician friends. Instead, we will be able to meet in a group of about 15-20 people around Paramjyoti and dive into an intimate exploration of the dance of our heart and soul, with ourselves, the group and Paramjyoti.


Daily time table

Arrival day:

6 pm           Dinner for those, who stay in the ashram or registered prior to arrival

8.15pm      Opening Night 

All other days:

7-8 am Aarati / Vedic Fire Ceremony
8-8.45 am  Breakfast
9-12 pm  “Devadasi – Dance of the Heart” introduction and practice time
12.15-1 pm Lunch
2-3 pm One hour Seva (helping in the Ashram), for those who have accomodation in the ashram
3-4 pm Open space for meetings and practice
4-6 pm  Guest teacher ´s program
6 pm  Dinner
7-8 pm Aarati / Vedic Fire Ceremony
8.15 pm Concert with dancing or Dance-Event

The ashram welcomes us to join all the vedic fire ceremonies!


Last half day:

Regular morning program. Final round ends at noon, 12am

For people with accomodation in the Ashram: lunch follows. After lunch you are requested to clean your rooms and bathrooms before departure. 


Full time contribution fee: 480 Euro
Fees for accomodation and food are not included
Single day participation, in case we have space available: 165 Euro (3 meals, tee, cookies etc. included)

Please transfer registration fee to: Carola Stieber, IBAN: DE36380601864506217011, BIC: GENODED1BRS, Volksbank Köln Bonn eG

Sign up 

Please find our >> registration form

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or by post to >> contact



Bhole Baba Ashram Rieferath is nestled in a small village with beautiful nature all around. Accomodation is simple and heart felt. The Ashram has been a very lovely host to us since years.

Bhole Baba Ashram, Kalkstsück 11, 51570 Windeck. Tel.: 02243 6603,  


You can stay at the Ashram or any nearby guesthouse at your choice. Find a list below. Please contact your host directly by yourself in order to arrange your accomodation.

30 people can participate in the event. It is possible to stay in the Ashram for 42Euro/night, including 3 meals a day. If your financial situation does not allow that, you can talk to the staff of the Ashram. Also talk to the Ashram in case you bring a own van or want to stay in your tent.

Ashram Tel.: 004922436603,

In case you are going to be hosted outside of the Ashram, please remember to manage your meals and rides between your accomodation and the temple, where all our activities will take place, by yourself. 


Hotels and guesthouses nearby

FeWo close to the ashram,, Tel.: 00492292-4928

Schützenhof in Eitorf, , Tel.: 00492243-8870

Landhaus Höhe, , Tel: 00492295-5146

Kircheiber Hof, , Tel: 00492683-960600

FEWO Kutscherhaus,, Tel: 00492295-909336