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God drunken lovers


This meeting is a future vision and project. It will take place in the desert. We might start in the Negev Desert and maybe expand to Sinai. Jordan, Rajasthan/India or Marocco. Why do we meet in the desert? We will turn “no-where” to “now-here”. There is great silence in the desert. Plenty of space to dance, make music, meditate, silently celebrate and pray. For who ever is familiar with Sema, can imagine this gathering to be somewhat like a SemaRitual.

For this gathering, there will be an initial brief introduction into the basics of the camp. After that, no further dance instructions, as we know it from Workshops, will be given. That means, that people, who are already familiar and firm with „Devadasi – Dance of the Heart“ are our first guests. Since we expect guests from abroad, there might be exceptions. Yet, only people who know how to tune into the energy, the core team and the musicians set and foster, can stay with us. Each participant knows, that he/she is here for own inner practice with music and dance, in order to divie deep within and fly high, both, within themselves and with the support of the group ´s energy.