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Dance Lab


This is a time to explore, what dance is for you and what it might reveal to you. Take a step into the Unknown and find yourself in surprise. Deep listening and being truthful to yourself are our main guidelines.

Embark on an adventurous journey to a mystical place. This year 2021, since we can not approach our anticiapted goal, which is the Kibbutz Neot Semadar in Israel, we shall gather in the magical place of ShantiMonti, in Sobrio, Tessin. A place which supports to step out of tiring, numbing routine and return back to the inspiration of your own heart.

— For future times:

Classically we travel to the Kibbutz Neot Semadar, nestled in the Negev Desert in Isreal. The desert has been teaching the people who live here quite a bit.  They have established a beautiful oasis in which they, about 200 people, live a rather unordinary ordinary life. It is a “learning center” and serves heart, spirit and soul to connect and blossom. We come here to experience the magical place by living and working with the people and – most of all: to explore inner holy places the dance will reveal to us. Here we want to ponder and from time to time bob up, in order to communicate and take advantage of additional beneficial aspects, our being-together-ness holds for us.

Getting organized


Anticipated premiere of DanceLab in Neot Semadar: Mid January 2021

Duration: 10 days

Schedule: will be announced later in the year

Fee: will be announce later in the year

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Address of the Kibbutz:

How to get there: will be announced shortly