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We connect in our mind with noble qualities, such as compassion. Finding matching physical gestures, we direct with a focused mind the energy of those particular qualities into the gesture as its vessel and start to embody them in body and mind. As a next step, we learn and practice movement sequences, which activate entire prayer formulas anchored within them. The power of the individual qualities as well as the mantras then shine from inside out, as we dance in group formations: in choreographed as well as spontaneously unfolding so called mandalas. This is Mudra Mantra Mandala.

It’s happening again in October! You may still join us for this year’s MMM part 2! Joining in by next year, as we offer parts 3 and 4 will be more difficult, unless you are a (semi-)professional dancer. From 25.-27.10.24 we will come together in the “Center of Unity, Schweibenalp”, Switzerland. A marvellous place full of transformative energy. After attending the seminar this fall, you are free to decide whether you would like to attend the further seminars or this series “Mudra Mantra Mandala – The Sacred within Dance”.

A possible future perspective would be for the graduates of the entire course (4 weekends over two years) to open their own MANDALA dance groups in their home towns. In a few years, we could dance our dance prayers in different places and parts of the world. We could even edit a follow up MANDALA dance film and send a “MANDALA dance prayer spanning the world” energetically as well as in form of a film into the world.

My journey to Namibia actually inspired me to do so. I was dancing in a spiritual ceremony after which the many kids who were present were asked, wether they would like to dance with me. About 80 children enthusiastically stretched out their arms, cheered and said “yes, I want”. That was very touching. Imagine the dazzling splendor when we would send out Mandala Ambassadors into the world. We could move in both the learned MANDALA choreography as well as create together with the local people and their culture new ones – and DANCE TOGETHER!

Do you feel called to manifest this with us? Feel free to contact us.

MANDALA – a prayer wheel of unknown extent 🙂