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My Dance
for you

as performance,
teaching, community and film is an artistic and spiritual practice in music and dance for individuals, groups and the collective. Emphasis is to connect with your own heart, from heart to heart and one culture and religion to another.



My offer for you as a dancer. Enjoy dance presentations, dance concerts to join the dance and dances dedicated to individuals. 

I look forward to meeting you.

Devadasi School

Devadasi School for intutivie sacred dance, movement and consciousness. Individual lessons, workshops, seminar series and several day-long gatherings in Germany and abroad.



Dancing as a group in the shape of a moving MANDALA, we initiate a prayer wheel. Its magnificence is captured in a film, radiating out into the world. We may enter a further, world spanning dance-film-project. What is for use is, that we meet in order to dance. Join us!

The Film

‘Moving into the Infinite’ is a documentary about my life as a contemporary temple dancer. The film is a co-creation by cinematographer Eckart Reichl and myself. This poetic dance film invites you on a pilgrimage out into the world and inwards, towards your own heart.