The Dance of the Soul

We plunge into the experience of movement meditation and dance prayer. We work with free movement, which is connected to our breath. Whatever arises in our awareness of body perception, thoughs and feelings is being integrated into our dance. We are equally empty and fulfilled. Everything that is, nourishes the dance and the dance in turn nourishes us.

In this way we connect with what moves us, tracing the source of inspiration of our soul. Every manifestation of the phenomenal world and thus also of our dance origins here. Character traits of your individual soul come to light as well as your soul´s frequency. It becomes tangible. You may also connect in the dance with a theme that is significant to your incarnation. We dance in harmony with the “great soul” and bear witness to its unfolding and revelation.

Following on of our workshop we will gather for further events such as: on open night dancing, a film screening of Paramjyoti´s film, a whirling prayer in the temple of light as well as the sacred dance summer academy. Enjoy a little video from last years “Whirling prayer and invitation to dance” in the temple of light: video