Sacred Dance Summer Academy

Embark on the pilgrimage into the depths of your heart! Discover what Sacred Dance means to you, how it expresses through you and what secrets it holds for you.

The Summer Academy is one of Paramjyoti´s intense Training Programs. The small group will allow individual guidance. No previous experience is necessary. Beginners as well as Professional dancers are invited to join.

The Summer Academy is a good opportunity to dig deep in your own spiritual practice via music and dance. Synchronising movement, mind and breath, you (re-)connect to what is dearest to you, with your original source of being, life´s transformative dance and allow it to unfold in its individual expression through you.

Monday 17. to Thursday 20th we will meet from 9.30-12.30 am and there is own practice time for two hours in the afternoon. Friday is scheduled as our pilgrimage to Assisi. Please also note activities 10 days before the Summer Dance Academy.

What to expect in the Sacred Dance Summer Academy

The seminar will be accompanied with live music.
Fee: 430 Euros. Students from the transformative arts program pay 380 Euros. Accommodation, food and travel expenses are not included.
Requirements: non. Professional dancers as well as people with no previous education are mutually welcome. No certain fitness level is required. Everybody can take and make use of the exercises from where they are at.
Please arrange your accommodation according to your wishes by yourself.


Friday: All day pilgrimage to Assisi

Holy Saint Francis and Santa Ciara blessed this holy place and their energies can be experienced up to this day. Assisi is being visited by people from all over the world and various spiritual traditions. Many of them have build own refuge and pilgrimage places like spirsitual centers, ashrams, spiritual communities or come to meet here. The visit of these spirirual gardens is highly recommendable as well. Yet simply visiting Assisi by itself is already an outstanding experience, lightning the spark of truth and purity in our hearts.

Additional and preceding events to the sacred dance summer academy, such as a open night dancing, a film screening and a whirling prayer will be announced shortly.

Find an inspiring video of our time in Ananda.